Chao Wu



College: College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Discipline: Geography
Department: Geography
Research Centre/Unit: Landscape and ecosystem dynamics

WU has the research experiences about disturbances, e.g., wildfires, global carbon cycle, atmosphere-land feedbacks more than 8 years, and specific to the studies (1) global burnt area trends from wildfires and their drivers induced by climate change using multiple models and remote sensing datasets. (2) Climate-carbon feedbacks derived from changing fires using fully coupled climate-carbon-cycle-fire models driven by multiple GCMs. (3) The role of fires in the global carbon cycles to contribute to the discussion of what constitutes a safe upper limit to global warming. (4) Impacts of fires on vegetation distribution and carbon balance in global and regional boreal ecosystems. He has conducted fieldwork in the boreal forest of China to assess the influence of fire intensities on forest fuel load and soil respiration.