Adebayo Oluwole Eludoyin

Department: Physical Geography
Research Centre/Unit: Landscape and Ecosystem Dynamics Research Group

Project Summary

My PhD research project focuses on investigating hysteretic relationships in the solute behaviour of stream and river systems as a means of identifying and elucidating the sources and hydrological pathways which influence and determine water chemistry. Attention will be paid to hysteretic behaviour at different temporal and spatial scales. The former will include individual and multiple storm events but also seasonal contrasts in water chemistry. The latter will encompass small catchments under different land-uses, where discrimination between precipitation, surface and subsurface runoff and groundwater flows in pathways at different levels from the land surface to the aquifer are anticipated to be influential, and sizeable river systems where the aggregation of flows from spatially contrasting tributaries and the subsequent modification through processes of channel transmission will have a more prominent role.  The study will involve analysis of existing water quality time series, field investigations and modelling particularly through end-member mixing analysis

Supervisory Team

Dr. Richard Brazier

Prof. Tim Quine

Wider Research Interests

Hydrology/fluvial geomorphology

Environmental Sciences

Geographical Techniques

Authored Publications/Reports

Eludoyin, A.O., Ofoezie, I.E, Ogunkoya, O.O (September 2004) The effect of Oja –titun market effluent on the chemical quality of receiving Opa River, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, Journal of Environmental Management, Vol 72 Issue 4, 249-259

Akinbode, O. M., Eludoyin, A. O. and Fashae, O. A (February 2008) Temperature and relative humidity distributions in a medium size administrative city in Nigeria, Journal of Environmental Management, Vol 87 Issue 1, 95 – 105

Odekunle, T. O. and Eludoyin, A. O (July 2009) Sea surface temperature patterns in the Gulf of Guinea: their implications for the spatio-temporal variability of precipitation in West Africa, International Journal of Climatology, Vol 28 Issue 11, 1507-1517

Oyeku, O.T, Eludoyin, A.O. (March 2010) Vulnerability of groundwater resources to heavy metal contamination in a Nigerian urban settlement, African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, Vol 4 Issue 4 , 201-204

Olayiwola, A.M, Aguda, A. S and Eludoyin, A.O (December 2009) Spatial-temporal growth and development of a traditional settlement in Nigeria, Ilorin Journal of Business and Social Sciences, Vol 13 Issue 2 , 241-253

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Eludoyin, A. O., Akinbode, O. M. and Ehinmowo, A. O (September 2007) Some challenges of River Basin Information System (RBIS) in Nigeria, Journal of Geography and Planning Sciences, 1 (2), 51 – 60