Adebayo Oluwole Eludoyin

Summer School for PhD Students

21st June 2010:


June 21-25: Strengthening Human Capacities

University of Plymouth and University of Exeter

Graduate School Skills Workshops

31st January 2013:

Scientific and Technical Writing Course

31 Jan-1 Feb, 2013 at Rothamsted Research

1st March 2011:

An Introduction to R

* How to load data into R from a range of sources
* How to use editors to manage the command line interface
* Data and model objects in R
* Graphical procedures in R
* Basic function writing in R

30th November 2010:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) Stages 1&2

Principles of learning; planning to teach; teaching methods; supporting diverse students; assessment of students' learning; and evaluation of practice.

18th November 2010:

Impact Factor! Getting published in research

12th November 2010:

Visualising Data: How to present your data accurately in research

5th November 2010:

Viva La Viva: Preparing for the last mile

7th October 2010:

Smart Start: A PhD Induction

What is Doctorate: Clarification? Managing your PhD, PGR Progress Tracking, You and Your Supervisor, Researcher Values, Excelling as a Researcher, Researcher Development Online.

22nd July 2010:

Taking Control of the Research Project: Essential Personal Effectiveness in the PhD

30th June 2010:

Advanced SPSS

16th June 2010:

Efficient Reading in Research


8th July 2010:

Matlab for Data Analysis and Application Development

Best Western Reading Moat House, Reading


12th October 2011:

NERC Environment YES Competition

University of Nottingham & Enshyam Hall, Oxfordshire

Rothamsted Training

22nd July 2011:

Manual Handling Training

Rothamsted Research, North Wyke. Handled by Nick Bulmer

Summer School

20th August 2012:

Annual Catchment Summer School

A 5-Day (Aug 20-24) shortcourse for Post Graduate students and Post Docs on a hands-on Catchment Science curriculum, focusing on Northern Catchments, runoff processes and combined hydrometric, isotope/chemcial tracer and modelling techniques in catchment hydrology (

Spring School

8th April 2013:

Earth System Science Spring School 2013

Held in Edinburgh (, the 2-week National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS)' s sponsored programme aims at providing PhD students and early-career researchers with a broad foundation in earth system science and its applications. Training focus were:

  • The science of climate change, including modelling and predictions
  • Atmospheric composition, including air quality
  • Weather, including hazardous weather
  • Technologies for observing and modelling the atmosphere