Adrian Brügger

Research Centre/Unit: Social, Economic and Organisational Research Group

Project Summary

Research interests:

  • Perception of climate change
  • Climate change communication

Supervisory Team

Dr. Thomas Morton and Dr. Suraje Dessai

Authored Publications/Reports

Brügger, A., Kaiser, F. G. & Roczen, N. (2009) One for All? Connectedness to Nature, Inclusion of Nature, Environmental Identity, and Implicit Association with Nature, European Psychologist, in press

Friedrich, V., Brügger, A. & Bauer, G. (2009) Worksite tobacco prevention in the canton of Zurich: Stages of change, predictors, and outcomes, International Journal of Public Health, 54, 427-438

Tobias, R., Brügger, A. & Mosler, H.-J. (2009) Developing strategies for waste reduction by means of tailored interventions in Santiago de Cuba, Environment and Behavior, 41, 836-865

Tanner, C., Brügger, A., van Schie, S., & Lebherz, C. (2010) Actions speak louder than words: Benefits of ethical behaviors of leaders, Journal of Psychology, 218(4), 225-233

Hoffmann, S., Friedrich, V. A., Brügger, A., Lehmann, K., & Bauer, G. F. (2010) Gestufte Verbreitungsstrategien am Beispiel der Integration von Tabakprävention in ein umfassendes Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement, in GfA (Ed.), Neue Arbeits- und Lebenswelten gestalten. 56. Kongress der Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaften, 513-516. Dortmund: GfA-Press.

Kaiser, F. G., Hartig, T., Brügger, A., & Duvier, C. (2011) Environmental protection and nature as distinct attitudinal objects: An application of the Campbell paradigm., Environment and Behavior, in press