Adrian Colston

Department: Politics
Discipline: Politics
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Rural Policy Research

Project Summary

Dartmoor has always divided opinions – to some it is England’s last wilderness, to others it is an open farmed and cultural landscape, many describe it as bleak and dangerous whilst others enjoy nothing more than endlessly exploring it. Overlaying the opinions Dartmoor is internationally important for its wildlife habitats and its historic environment, it provides a home and livelihood to the Commoners and others, it is the source of much Devon’s drinking water and in its blanket bogs is a huge store of carbon.

Dartmoor has been a place of great change since the Neolithic period when the wildwood started to be cleared for agriculture. Today change is driven by economics, environmental policy, the public’s desire for recreation and by climate change.

Trying to accommodate so many disparate objectives against the drivers of change has proven difficult and divisive. This division has often been portrayed as a conflict between farming and the environment – a battle between ‘town and country’. This approach though misrepresents the situation. There are also tensions within the farming community – a modern day ‘ tragedy of the Commons’ and the environmental sector is not united, often holding very different views based upon sectional interests and objectives.

The purpose of this PhD is to research various aspects of these conflicts to understand better the various stakeholders’ aspirations and anxieties.

Supervisory Team

Professor Michael Winter (Lead supervisor, UoE).  Dr Duncan Russel (Second supervisor, UoE). 

Wider Research Interests

Biodiversity conservation, habitat creation, landscape scale ecology, rewilding, flooding, the cultivation of maize and Dartmoor bords

Authored Publications/Reports

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