Alan Hooker

Department: Theology and Religion
Discipline: Theology and Religion

Project Summary

The purpose of my research is to reexamine the Hebrew Bible and ask whether the sanitized picture of Yhwh we have inherited, that is, of a deity who has no body, gender, or sexuality, is borne out by the texts themselves.

Drawing on Eilberg-Schwartz's God's Phallus (1994), whose book focuses primarily on rabbinic and later Jewish interpretations of God's body, my thesis specifically addresses these questions with respect to the biblical text and its broader ancient West Asian milieu.

The three key areas I examine are:

  • The divine body
  • The gendered and sexed Yahweh
  • The sexually active Yahweh

Supervisory Team

  • First Supervisor: Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou
  • Secondary Supervisor: Dr Louise Lawrence.


Authored Publications/Reports

Alan Hooker (2014) "Show Me Your Glory": The Kabod of Yahweh as Phallic Manifestation?, Biblical Masculinities Foregrounded, 17-34

Alan Hooker (2014) Review of Margaret Barker's "The Mother of the Lord", Theology, 117.1, 48-49

Alan Hooker (March 2014) “The Ugaritic Terms nḥt and ymnn”, Nouvelles Assyriologiques Brèves et Utilitaires, 2014/1, 34-35