Alex Boutellier

Department: Humanities
Discipline: Film Studies
Research Centre/Unit: Film by Practice

Project Summary

"Digital Disruption: Redefining Cinematography in the Virtual Age". 

My practical work revolves around the following key research questions:  

  • Who is the author of a film's visuals when most shots were created, composed and lit in a virtual environment—via PreViz (pre-production), green/blue screen (production) and CGI (post-production)?
  • How do cinematographers protect themselves against image manipulation without their consent? 
  • How has digital image origination and processing affected the way films look and the way stories are told?


Supervisory Team

Dr Helen Hanson & Dr Debra Ramsay

Wider Research Interests

The changing role of the cinematographer in the digital age. The importance of visual literacy for the 'screenager' generation. The emergence of the 'digital auteur', i.e. the director-cinematographer hyphenate.