Alison Harper

Department: Business School
Discipline: Management
Research Centre/Unit: CSAM

Project Summary

My MRes dissertation investigated the application of official regional population projections to inform healthcare service planning at the local (CCG) level using a combination of demand modelling and discrete-event simulation.  The NHS collects a vast amount of digital data, and in combination with open source data, I'm interested in developing a methodological framework using a combination of predictive analytics and simulation to support operational and strategic healthcare decision-making.

Supervisory Team

Dr Nav Mustafee, UEBS

Prof Martin Pitt, UEMS

Authored Publications/Reports

Mustafee, Powell, Harper (10th January 2018) Right Hospital-Right Time: a Business Analytics Framework for Analysing Urgent Care/A&E Wait Time Data, Proceedings of the Operational Research Society Workshop 2018

Harper and Mustafee (30th December 2017) A Hybrid Approach using Forecasting and Discrete-Event Simulation for Endoscopy Services, Proceedings of the 2017 Winter Simulation Conference