Alison Harper


4th December 2017:

Winter Simulation Conference

A hybrid approach using forecasting and discrete-event simulation for endoscopy services

23rd November 2016:

IMPACT 2 Network Conference

Member of organizational team

Presentation: ‘Modelling demand for endoscopy services for capacity planning in Torbay Hospital’

8th November 2016:

SWDTC Conference 2016 ‘Building Bridges in Research’

Presentation: ‘Modeling demand for endoscopy services in South Devon given an ageing population’

29th September 2016:

IMPACT Network Conference

Presentation: ‘Towards a hybrid systems modeling approach using regional population projection data.’

5th September 2016:

OR58 Annual Conference

Presentation: ‘A Case Study for Endoscopy Services Demand Forecasting and Planning in South Devon and Torbay NHS FT’

Session Chair Health and Social Care Stream for several sessions

Graduate School Skills Workshops

30th September 2016:

GTA Workshop

16th September 2016: