Amal Nazzal



College: The Business School
Discipline: Management
Department: Organisation Studies

I am a current doctorate researcher in the department of Organisation Studies at University of Exeter. I joined Exeter in 2012, having awarded the University of Exeter PhD in Organisation Studies Scholarship 2013/2014. My research interests span the domains of organisational studies, social capital theory and marketing.

I completed my first Masters in Business Administration at Birzeit University - Palestine in 2012. Then, I was awarded the HESPAL scholarship, Higher Education Scholarship for Palestinians, to pursue my second Masters in Marketing at University of Exeter. My Master’s thesis explored the evolvement of social capital dimensions within online environment. The thesis was supervised by Dr. Lindsay Stringfellow to determine how structural and relational dimensions of social capital could be reshaped online within an international youth activism context. In 2013, I have been awarded the PhD in Organisation Studies award 2013/2014 to start my doctorate research in examining the Mechanisms and Dynamics of Social Capital in Palestinian Socio-cultural Organisations: A Bourdieusian Perspective.