Amanda Phipps



I am a History and Drama PhD student at the University of Exeter (AHRC funded) under the supervision of Dr Catriona Pennell and Dr Adrian Curtin. My doctoral thesis examines the use of artistic representations in teaching English schoolchildren about the First World War and how theatre in particular is transmitting collective memories about the conflict to the next generation. My research takes a chronological look at the aids used to learn about the First World War from 1918 until the present day, creating a historical context in which contemporary education on the conflict can be explored. A central part of my research is directly discussing with schoolchildren their understanding and education on the war through questionnaires, oral testimonies, class and Theatre in Education observations.  This gives a voice to those at the centre of my thesis, but who often remain silent in research into the history of education.   

Previously I completed an MA in War, Culture and History at the University of Manchester (AHRC funded) and a BA (Hons) in English Literature with the University of London (Bedford Scholarship). Both these institutions developed my interest in the cultural history of warfare as I conducted a variety of research within this field, particularly into the oral histories of war veterans and the role of artistic representations in shaping collective memory about a number of conflicts. My academic interests have also led me to hold a number of intern positions at the Imperial War Museums in London and Manchester. ‚Äč