Amira Albebas

Department: English Language teaching
Discipline: Education
Research Centre/Unit: TESOL

Project Summary

Master project: 'Investigation and appraisal of Grammar teaching methodology at the University of Tripoli'

Supervised by: Andrew Davidson/ Warwick University

Educational Doctorate:

During the pre-thesis phase, six modules were undertaken, and I conducted two different studies. The first research is interpretive, entitled 'International Learning Experience and Its Influence on Libyan English Teachers’ Practice in English Department at the University of Tripoli' where I explored the role of international learning experience in developing the instructional practice of Libyan Englsih teachers.


The second research is critical, entitel 'News Reports and Power Relations: A Critical Research'. I critically analysed discourse of media reports to uncover hidden meanings and reveal hegemony of power and culture through news stories.

Supervisory Team

Prof. Zhang Dongbo

Prof. Salah Troudi