Amy Fensome


15th November 2013:

New Networks for Nature: Time and place

Two day conference

18th August 2013:



19th April 2013:

The Mammal Society's Spring Conference

Attendence 19th-21st April, presented poster.

22nd March 2013:

BritBats: 2nd British Bat Research Symposium

Attended meeting at Bristol Zoo. Gave a presentation on an aspect of my PhD.

21st March 2013:

Student Conference on Conservation Science

Attended SCCS (19-21 March 2013) at the Zoological Department, Cambridge. Took part in workshops on statistics with Ali Johnstone and genetics with Bill Amos.

17th December 2012:

British Ecological Conference and AGM

Attendance only.

14th December 2012:

Institute of Zoology

Lunchtime lecture by Bill Laurence. Attendance only.

28th November 2012:

Devon Mammal Group Event

Pat Morris lecture "What is so special about British mammals?" Attendance only.

16th June 2012:

The Mammal Society's Student Conference


December 2011:

The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour's Winter Meeting at ZSL

Attendance only.

8th February 2011:

Zoological Society of London's Communicating Science Series

Why be nice? Understanding cooperative behaviour. Attendance only.

Graduate School Skills Workshops

7th November 2013:

Project Management: preparation, prioritisation and responding to change

25th October 2013:

Leadership Skills

15th October 2013:

Career Planning- Where Your Doctorate Can Lead (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths & Medicine)

6th March 2013:

Learning and Teaching in HE programme Stage 2

16th January 2013:

Research planning and time management

29th November 2012:

Encouraging women in science and engineering

14th November 2012:

Publishing your research in journals

9th November 2012:

Efficient Reading in Research

21st September 2012:

Learning and Teaching in HE programme Stage 1

Training with external organisation (NERC)

9th January 2014:

Data analysis with R statistical software

I attended a week long course 

10th December 2013:

Public engagement and media training