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Anas Abubakr Buera was a Ph.D. candidate ( Degree Awarded in 2015) at the Department of Politics under the supervision of Professor Claudio Radaelli and Dr Claire Dunlop. He is also a faculty member at the University of Benghazi-Libya (2005-present) and one of the initiators of the first national conference on public policy in Libya (June 2007). His major field of study revolves around themes of public policy and the quality of governance (good governance). Anas has successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on public policy narratives in Libya ( with minor revisions). It was examined by Professor Philippe Zittoun and Dr Klejda Mulaj.


Main areas of interest 

  • New trends of policy–oriented discourse of governance leaders and public policy change (developing coordinative and communicative discourse of future policy leaders in Libya and Arab states).
  • The political economy of Libya in/after the authoritarian epoch, with special focus on the Libyan,Italian and EU partnership and political relations. 
  • Good governance and policy change in emerging democracies with special reference to methods of developing the institutional capacities in Libya ( mainly regulatory governance and policy reform).


2015 :

Buera,Anas A.,Libya and EU Relations: Past Failure and Future Prospects with ENP, International Conference on the New Challenges for the European Union in the Arab Mediterranean and the Revision of the European Neighbourhood Policy, Centre for Strategic Studies,University of Jordan,and in Cooperation with Centre for Contemporary Middle East Studies, University of Southern Denmark, Amman,November 2015

2014 :

Buera,Anas A.,Coordinative Narratives of The Libyan Leaders: Lessons from The Authoritarian Epoch 2003-2010, Policy & Politics Conference 2014: The challenges of leadership and collaboration in the 21st Century, School of policy studies, University of Bristol,UK,September 2014




Chapter in book 2015  (English):

Buera,Anas A.,Libya's Arab Spring -Revolution against a 42-Year Dictatorship:Prospects of Governance and Democracy, in : Routledge Handbook of The Arab Spring :Rethinking Democratisation,Taylor & Frances Group,London and New York,2015, pp.105-118 


Chapter in Book 2009 (Arabic) :



Buera,Anas A.,Evaluating Health Policy in Libya, in: First National Conference on Public Policy in Libya, Centre for Research and Consultations,University of Benghazi (Garyounis University) ,June 2009,pp.421-447. 



The British Library-ETHOS (2015) :


Why and how authoritarian regimes produce narratives of governance


Ph.D. Seminars, Workshops


The Narrative Policy Framework (NPF) in public policy analysis- February 2015 

Regulation and Reform (Audit)- March 2015

“Publishing in political science journals: why, how, when", Ph.D. seminar series in politics, May 2015


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