Andrew Cunliffe

Discipline: Geography
Research Centre/Unit: Landscape and Ecosystem Dynamics

Project Summary

My doctorate research seeks to advance our understanding of changing biogeochemical cycling in response to a grass-to-shrub vegetation transition. In particular, I’m interested in how soil carbon dynamics change spatially at different stages across the transition, and how these spatial changes in structure alter the ecosystem function. I will be using a semi-distributed, dynamic, process-based soil erosion model (Mahleran) to better understand how fluvial degradation processes are driving landscape change in the semiarid southwestern United States.

Supervisory Team

Professor Richard Brazier Dr Karen Anderson

Wider Research Interests

My broader research interests include: - hydrogeomorphology - ecohydrology - semiarid environments - process-based modelling - soil carbon dynamics - peatland hydrology

Authored Publications/Reports

Cunliffe, Andrew. M., Baird, Andy, J. and Holden, Joseph (2013) Hydrological hotspots in blanket peatlands: spatial variation in peat permeability around a natural soil pipe, Water Resources Research