Andrew Hepworth, MA (ELT), Delta.



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Education
Department: Graduate School of Education

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Although now firmly established as an experienced and qualified English as a Second or Foreign Language teacher, Andrew's background was originally in science. At 16, he left school and began work at a chemical company in his home town, Huddersfield, where he served an apprenticeship which involved part-time attendance at the local technical college and polytechnic (now University of Huddersfield). In 1987, he graduated with an honours degree in Chemistry. He spent nearly 25 years in the chemical industry, starting out as a laboratory assistant, and eventually becoming a chemical plant manager. However, in 2010, he was looking for a change of career and he found it while on a trip to China where he discovered many expatriates working as English language teachers. Upon returning to the UK, he decided to study for a CELTA, in Leeds, and then left to start his first teaching job, in Hangzhou, China. Shortly after, he moved on to a language school in Singapore. He returned to the UK in September 2012 to study full-time for an MA in English Language Teaching at Leeds Metropolitan (now Beckett) University. This also provided him with the opportunity to study for the Cambridge University Delta, which he completed in June 2014. Since completing his MA in September 2013, he has spent three years working in the Middle East: two years as a lecturer at a College of Applied Sciences in Oman (teaching academic English), and this last year as a teacher of English at the British Council in Qatar. He is presently in the second year of his Doctor of Education degree in TESOL.