Andrew Worley



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: Classics and Ancient History
Department: Classics

Having completed my undergraduate degree at Exeter, with a dissertation investigating supposed anti-Christian polemic in Ammianus Marcellinus and the Historia Augusta, I departed the realms of Classics to work in London. Following this and a three month exploration of India, I embarked on my MA at King's College London. A dissertation on the utility of acclamations in the Classical world followed, a topic which seized my imagination as the result of studying Greek epigraphy. After bidding adieu to London, I have now returned to Exeter for my PhD, continuing my interest and researches in acclamations. I am now revising my thesis on the expression and manipulation of public opinion in the Roman Imperial period by the use of acclamations and popular reaction in the literature, which tortuously long title as it is, more often goes under the briefer headings of shouting, or rather more accurately, vocalization.

Outside of Classics I enjoy an eclectic range of past-times and delights, including (but not exclusively) drinking tea, ogling steam trains, and the over-consumption of once fashionable sweets. I am raising two magnificent young men of my own, and educating swathes of West Country youth.

On a more serious note, I am exceptionally grateful, as a self-funded student, to a number of charitable institutions who offered financial assistance in the early part of my studies, in particular the Richard Stapley Educational Trust and BTBS (The Book Trade Charity).