Anna-Marie Linnell

Discipline: English

Project Summary

My current research project investigates the representation of the royal consorts in succession fiction, covering the period 1603-1702.

Moments of succession were crucibles for political and literary innovation. The Stuart Successions Project is led by Exeter University and the University of Oxford, and seeks to define the genre of succession writing in the Stuart period. We are building an online database to establish the range of literature produced at these monarchical transitions, and we then explore the patterns between these texts. My research complicates the big picture by constructing a specific history of literature about the royal consorts.

One of the many reasons that I am fascinated by the early modern period is the development of print as a technology of representation. My broader research interests include the relationship between government censorship and fictional recycling of religious texts from the early modern period to the modern day.


Supervisory Team

Primary supervisor: Professor Andrew McRae (Exeter). Secondary supervisor: Dr Paulina Kewes (Oxford).