Antonia Paterson

Discipline: Education

Project Summary

In my current context I have carried out two research projects:

1. Student Voice in a TNE classroom

This focused on exploring students' own sense of voice within a TNE (transnational education) context in China, This critical action research identified some of the constraints upon student voice in this context and some possible methods for promoting greater sense of voice among the students.

2. Cross-cultural Perceptions of Professionalism

This study combined interviews and document analysis to explore cross-cultural perceptions of 'professionalism' within a joint Sino-British university in China.

Supervisory Team

Project 1: Dr. Salah Troudi

Project 2: Professor Vivienne Baumfield

Wider Research Interests

I am particularly interested in cultural influences on teaching and learning. The emergence of TNE (Transnational education) in higher education delivery and its impact on students and teachers meeting through such exchanges is of great interest to me, and I find within this context a wealth of possibilities for exploring cultural impacts on learning, perceptions of roles, negotiations of meaning and expectations, and requirements of teachers and students in terms of language needs and skills. I am currently exploring the use of corpus linguistics in EAP and am finding great interest in discovering its application to this field.