Asmaa Meftah

Department: Arab and Islamic Studies
Discipline: Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies

Project Summary

​My research focus is ecocriticism, or environmental literary and cultural criticism. My primary research interests lie in the convergence between Arabic literature, eco-postcolonial theory and environmental criticism. I’m particularly interested in how the Palestinian writers defend the natural environment in their literary works (environmental justice) and in what ways they engage the natural aspects such as stones, olive, orange and cactus trees as a source of resistance and steadfastness to the Israeli coloniser.  The incorporation of Arab voices such as the one of Mahmoud Darwish, Ghassan kanafani, Raja Shehadeh will provide evidence that the greening of Arabic literature is a valid project that is worthy of further consideration and examination into the study of ecocriticism in the world.      

Supervisory Team

Dr Christina Phillips Senior Lecturer in Arabic Literature and Media (IAIS Department )

Dr Chris Campbell Lecturer in Global Literatures (English Department )

Wider Research Interests

In addition to my interest in Arabic Literatures, i am also interested in British and American Literatures because my Master studies are based on British and American Literatures and Civilizations. 

Resistance literature, prison literature and postcolonial theory 

ecocriticism, or environmental literary criticism, ecofeminism and the interconnectedness between culture and nature.