Benjamin Smart


18th November 2019:

Structure and Nature Workshop (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Presented conference paper: The epistemic structure of subjectivity, organisation, and individuality for H.R. Maturana and F.J. Varela.

12th September 2018:

5th European Advanced School in the Philosophy of the Life Sciences (EASPLS) (Konrad Lorenz Institute)

Presented a commentary: Commentary on Ruiz-Mirazo’s ‘Philosophical Problems About the Origins of Life’.

6th September 2018:

UKKS: The Nature of Freedom and the Freedom of Nature (Cardiff University)

Presented conference paper: Teleology and the Striving Character of Organisms: A preliminary comparison of Angela Breitenbach’s and Arthur Schopenhauer’s readings of Immanuel Kant.

10th May 2018:

SPA PGR Conference (University of Exeter)

Presented conference paper: Some points of ambiguity on the causation of evolutionary theory.

6th June 2017:

ENCAPsulate PGR Student Conference (Cardiff University)

Presented conference paper: Organisms and Individuals: The problem of biological individuals for philosophy and science.

6th June 2016:

ENCAP PGR Student Conference (Cardiff University)

Presented conference paper: Nietzsche and Boscovich: Atomism and Individuality.

18th May 2016:

Literature’s Animals PGR Conference (University of Bristol)

Presented conference paper: On the fallacy of anthropomorphism: Two refutations.

19th February 2016:

Gregynog Student Conference (Jointly Cardiff and Lampter Universities)

Presented conference paper: Difficulties with conceptualising the organism.

Guest Lecture

21st October 2019:

Does your organism exist across time?

Lectured on the topics of diachronic identity in biology and ontology: focusing on David Queller's and Joan Strassmann's (2016) conceptual device of 'Theseus Fish', whilst considereing the genidentity theories of Thomas Pradeu (2018) and the process ontology of John Dupré (2012; Nicholson & Dupré, 2018), against the substance ontologies of Jack Wilson (1999) and David Wiggins (2001).