Bradley Osborne



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: English
Department: English

I am the recipient of the William Golding PhD Studentship offered by the College of Humanities and William Golding Ltd. Under the supervision of Professor Tim Kendall, I am undertaking research into the works of Golding and the papers held by Special Collections in the William Golding archive. My thesis will explore the development of Golding's conception of the human in relation to the non-human in both his novels and his notes.

I completed my BA (English) and my MA (English Literary Studies: Criticism and Theory) at the University of Exeter; in my MA dissertation, I developed a queer theoretical approach to player-avatar identification and agency in videogames. I have a keen interest in theoretical disciplines, such as queer theory, posthumanism, and ecocriticism, which question received ideas about human nature, the body, and the self and its relation to its environment.