Caice Jin

Department: The Department of Social and Political Sciences, Philosophy, and Anthropology
Discipline: Politics
Research Centre/Unit: The Centre for Advanced International Studies

Project Summary

In contemporary times, China has garnered recognition as a noteworthy challenger to the foundations of the Liberal International Order (LIO), consequently intensifying the ongoing ideological contestation surrounding this order. Nevertheless, scholarly perspectives highlight that within Xi's China, the ideological landscape exhibits a notable lack of homogeneity. Thus, this research endeavor to meticulously examine the ideological contestations inside of China, and its interplay with the broader international milieu.  

This study centrally revolves around the pivotal concepts of Chinese identity and modernity, which serve as linchpins for comprehending the intricate dynamics of ideological contestation. As the contours of China's identity grapple with external pressures within the modern international system, the ascendancy of China can also be construed as an intricate process marked by a relentless struggle for recognition. It is noteworthy that various ideological paradigms manifest distinct strategies in their pursuit of this overarching goal.  

In the course of this study, particular emphasis is directed towards intellectuals as the primary subjects of investigation. Through the utilization of interviews and an exhaustive analysis of intellectual history, this study tries to elucidate the intricate debates that unfold within the intellectual elite. 

Supervisory Team

First supervisor: David Lewis

Second supervisro: Catherine Owen

Wider Research Interests

norm, identity and ideology in international politics

state building and state capacity in Ancient China

Contemporary Chinese intellectual history