Carole Lee


Telephone: 01647 432732 

College: College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Discipline: Biosciences
Department: Biosciences
Research Centre/Unit: Environmental Biology

My research interests encompass the field of evidence-based fish welfare. I am interested in how social and physical environments, husbandry, and management protocols affect the behaviour and welfare of fish in captive environments. My goal is to use evidence-based research to better understand how to provide for captive fish within our care. Overall, my wider research interests include fish cognition and social behaviour within and between species. I’m also interested in the natural history of fish and how knowledge of a species’ natural environment, abundance, distribution, densities, social conditions, and limiting resources can be used to design laboratory experiments to test specific hypotheses and address questions about the effects of the captive environment in fish.

I would like to hear from anyone investigating fish cognition, sentience, or behaviour in natural habitats or in captivity. Please drop me a line or follow me on Twitter @asilarab