Carole Lee


Telephone: 01647 432732 

College: College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Discipline: Biosciences
Department: Biosciences

I am interested in fish cognition, social behaviour within and between species, and the effects of the social and physical environment on stress and welfare. Stocking density, handling methods and environmental complexity could all affect aquarium fish welfare and are investigated in my current project. My work to date suggests that changing the environment may be a stressor for some species and that efforts to maintain them in similar housing might be beneficial. I am keen expand upon my studies and develop these interests, particularly working with freshwater fish and tropical species. The ability to manipulate the environment and make detailed observations and measurements makes working with small species in the laboratory very rewarding.

I would like to hear from anyone investigating fish cognition, sentience, behaviour or husbandry. Please drop me a line or follow me on Twitter @asilarab