Caroline Nye



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Politics
Department: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Research Centre/Unit: Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP)

Caroline Nye is a Social Science doctoral researcher at the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP) within the University of Exeter. Her focus is on agricultural labour in the UK, examining the changes and challenges associated with farm labour in the transition to sustainable intensification. Caroline's current research presents an original analysis of the composition of contemporary farm labour in the South West of England as a 'new worker profile' emerges, as well as examining social, attitudinal, and behavioural changes that have arisen from transformations in the agricultural labour situation over the last fifty years.

Caroline holds an MA (hons) in Social Anthropology from the University of Edinburgh, a diploma in International Development from London School of Economics (with a focus on environment) and has several years’ experience working on organic farms and in environmental education. She has also spent several years working further afield on international development projects and in industry in Asia, Africa and Latin America.