Catherine Queen

Discipline: Geography

Project Summary

Catherine is exploring issues around public engagement with Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIP), particularly high voltage overhead power lines. Her research uses a Case Study approach based on the current North West Coast Connections project which is a proposed overhead power line located in West Cumbria. Catherine is particularly interested in exploring hard-to-reach and disengaged publics through place attachment and justice as recognition. She seeks to identify the barriers to engagement in her Case Study and to find ways of understanding the complex relationships arising through the public consultation process for NSIPs through qualitative research methods.  

Broad research specialisms:

  • The tensions between planning policy and justice as recognition of seldom heard local voices
  • Understanding the barriers to local engagement with energy infrastructure projects
  • Exploring innovative methods of data collection/analysis which focus on disengaged publics.
  • Understanding the value of place attachment in conducting public engagement


'Hard to Reach or Hard to Engage?' - Energy and Communities Seminar, July 2015, University of Exeter

The seldom-heard voice in public engagement with major infrastructure - UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference 2016, Cardiff University

Exploring public disengagement from proposed overhead powerline consultation processes through a Bourdieuian lens                                 ‚Äč4th Energy and Society Conference, 2018, University of Exeter


Supervisory Team

Professor Patrick Devine-Wright

Dr Karen Bickerstaff