Celal Cahit Agar


Telephone: 01326255274 

College: The Business School
Discipline: Management
Department: University of Exeter Business School
Research Centre/Unit: Sustainability & Circular Economy Research Cluster

I am a PhD Candidate and Research & Teaching Assistant at the University of Exeter Business School, UK. My research focuses on spatial political economies and ecologies of organisation and management, splitting into four interrelated areas.

  • International business and employment relations: Exploring the working life conditions, self-reproduction problems and survival strategies of the unorganised, temporary, migrant and disadvantaged segments of the labouring classes.
  • Economic geography and the political economy of economic crises: Developing an interdisciplinary economic geography approach to critically examining the interlinked processes of economic crisis-production and crisis-displacement at local, regional, national and international scales.
  • Climate policy and carbon markets: Analysing the actors, dynamics and processes of climate change mitigation and its socio-economic, geopolitical and environmental consequences.
  • Governance and social movements: Examining the contestations and confrontations within and between businesses, governments, labour and grassroots social movements.