22nd September 2015 to 29th March 2018

BEA1013 Introduction to Accounting

I am a tutor for BEA1013 Introduction to Accounting.

This module aims to provide students with a broad understanding of the fundamentals of recording transactions, the content of financial reports, the scope of financial reporting in the UK and the basics of the interpretation of published accounting information. The module also introduces management accounting and shows how accounting information can be provided to support an organisation’s management in decision-making and control. It concludes by examining recent developments in social and environmental accounting. The overall aim is, therefore, to give an introduction to accounting from a wider user perspective. 

22nd September 2015 to 29th March 2018

BEA1010 Business Finance For Accountants

I am a tutor for BEA1010 Business Finance for Accounts.

The aim of this module is twofold:

a)     to introduce students to the basic concepts within finance: key financial mathematics, investment appraisal techniques, working capital management, financial statement analysis, capital structure decisions, dividend policy decisions, personal financial management and risk management;  

b)    To expose students to real business issues and decisions that they may face as an accountant; as well as introducing them to other areas that they may consider for further investigation in the future.