Charlotte Chivers

Charlotte-Anne Chivers



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Rural Policy Research

I am a first year PhD student exploring farmers' attitudes to on-farm control measures of water pollution. The studentship has been commissioned by the Environment Agency, and the research will explore farm business structures and management decisions and their evolution in response to the Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) programme. There will be a strong emphasis on farmer attitudes to various on-farm measures, including those which are less popular with farmers.  

Alongside my PhD project, I write blog articles for a prominent conservation careers website, and for a personal SciComm website. I am also an A-level biology tutor. 

Prior to commencing a PhD, I worked within the Veterinary Parasitology and Ecology group at the University of Bristol carrying out various research projects, including on biting flies of welfare concern and on psoroptic mange. I have also worked for multiple ecological consultants and for an online research company where I carried out large scale international projects. My undergraduate degree was in Biological Sciences from the University of Reading (BSc Zoology).