Charlotte Kelsted

Charlotte Kelsted



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: History
Department: History
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Imperial and Global History

I am currently a first-year AHRC-funded doctoral candidate at the University of Exeter. My research focuses on female British perceptions of Arab and Jewish communities in Palestine during the British Mandate (1920-1948).

In 2016 I was awarded a first-class Bachelor's degree in History from the University of Exeter. I achieved a first-class mark for my undergraduate dissertation entitled 'Herbert Samuel and Palestine, 1914-1925: A Change of Heart', supervised by Richard Toye. In 2017 I achieved a Master's degree in History (with distinction) from the University of Exeter. I was awarded a distinction for my thesis, entitled 'The Construction of Colonial Difference: Middle and Low-Ranking British Officials in Mandate Palestine, 1920-1948'. In February 2017, my article '100 Years After the Balfour Declaration - Revisiting Sir Herbert Samuel's Legacy' appeared on the Imperial and Global Forum.

I am currently an Assistant Editor of Exeter University's postgraduate history journal, Ex Historia. I am also involved in organising the 2018 PGR Humanities Conference at Exeter, and I am the SWWDTP (AHRC) representative for the 2017-2018 cohort.