Charlotte Kelsted



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: History
Department: History & Arab and Islamic Studies
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Imperial and Global History & The European Centre for Palestine Studies

I am currently a first-year AHRC-funded doctoral candidate at the University of Exeter. My research focuses on female British perceptions of Arab and Jewish communities in Palestine during the British Mandate (1920-1948), specifically the extent to which British women viewed the Arabs as the ‘uncivilised Other’ and the Jews as ‘civilised’, superior colonial subjects. 

My research is jointly supervised by Professor Ilan Pappé (Director of The European Centre for Palestine Studies), Dr Stacey Hynd (part of Exeter's Centre for Imperial and Global History) and Dr Christopher Prior (part of Southampton's Centre for Imperial and Post Colonial Studies).

In 2016 I was awarded a first-class Bachelor's degree in History from the University of Exeter. I achieved a first-class mark for my undergraduate dissertation entitled 'Herbert Samuel and Palestine, 1914-1925: A Change of Heart', supervised by Richard Toye. In 2017 I achieved a Master's degree in History (with distinction) from the University of Exeter. I was awarded a distinction for my thesis, entitled 'The Construction of Colonial Difference: Middle and Low-Ranking British Officials in Mandate Palestine, 1920-1948'. This was supervised by Dr Gajendra Singh and Professor Ilan Pappé. In February 2017, my article '100 Years After the Balfour Declaration - Revisiting Sir Herbert Samuel's Legacy' appeared on the Imperial and Global Forum.

I am currently an Assistant Editor of Exeter University's postgraduate history journal, Ex Historia. I am also involved in organising the 2018 PGR Humanities Conference at Exeter, and I am the SWWDTP (AHRC) representative for the 2017-2018 cohort.