Charlotte Miles



College: College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Discipline: Sports and Health Sciences
Department: Bioenergetics and Human Performance
Research Centre/Unit: Exeter Stress, Expertise and Lifelong Learning Research Group (ExSELL)

I completed my undergraduate course in Exercise and Sport Science in 2010 which involved various aspects of the subject including sport psychology, physiology, anatomy, biomechanics and sociology modules.  My dissertation subject assessed the merits of the attentional control theory by studying the eye movements of cricket batsmen when placed under pressure conditions.    

My MSc degree was also obtained at the University of Exeter in the subject of Health and Sports Science.  It was during this degree I first started researching the eye movements of children and how this related to overall motor skill.  

In 2011 I was awarded a Graduate Teaching Assistant position at the University of Exeter to develop my MSc work and study for my PhD in Visuomotor Control.  My PhD research focuses on the the role of visual information on motor control in children, particularly those who suffer from conditions such as Developmental Coordination Disorder. I am currently working on a large intervention project funded by the Waterloo Foundation.  This project is attempting to utilise our previous work on eye movements to improve the visuomotor skill of these children.