Christopher Perrott

June 2017 to June 2018

Grand Challenges

Christopher has worked as a Postgraduate Facilitator on the interdisciplinary Grand Challenges programme, in the Climate Change group:

  • June 2017 and June 2018: Solving the climate change problem: mitigation, adaption or geo-engineering?

September 2016 to present

Undergraduate Geography Modules

Christopher has worked as a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant to help deliver the following modules:

  • GEO1315 - Research Methods for Geographers (Dr. Jonathan Cinnamon);
  • GEO2231 - Landscape Dynamics (Prof. Andrew Nicholas);‚Äč
  • GEO2307C - Physical Geography Fieldtrip (California) (Prof. Rolf Aalto, Dr. Tim Hill, Dr. Matteo Vacchi, and Dr. Rob Schindler);
  • GEO2321 - Introduction to Remote Sensing (Dr. Steven Palmer and Dr. Anne Le Brocq);
  • GEO3223 - Landscape Systems Management (Prof. Rolf Aalto);
  • GEO3236 - Land-Atmosphere Interactions (Dr. Tim Hill).