Clare Maudling

Personal details




University of Exeter

ESRC funded PhD in History 

Working thesis title: 'Utopian Dreams or Peacetime Pragmatism? The successes and constraints of post-war reconstruction in the South West' 


University of Exeter

MRes in Economic and Social History (ESRC funded)

Thesis title: 'This Jewel Remains? The post-war reconstruction challenges of the city of Exeter'


University of St Mark & St John, Plymouth

BA in History with Leisure and Tourism  (1st class Joint Hons.) 

Dissertation title 'The Post-War Rebuilding of Exeter 1942-1953'

Additional achievements: History student of the year 2007 and joint history dissertation prize winner 2007


Professional/research experience

April 19 2017:

Devon and Exeter Institution

I am the library assistant to the Devon and Exeter Institution's current Heritage Lottery Funded project to conserve, protect and promote the Institution's collections

July 5 2016:

University of Exeter, Politics Department

Structure and Organisation of Government, University of Exeter, Department of Politics

Junior Researcher

An collaborative project across four European countries examining and mapping the different forms of central government organisation and the changes which affect them. An overview of the project can be found at

The UK arm of the project is ESRC funded. -

November 11 2012:

South West Heritage Trust - Westcountry Studies Library

After leaving the Westcountry Studies to pursue my academic interests, I maintained my links with Westcountry Studies and the Devon Record Office by becoming a volunteer. I have worked continuously on the Westcountry Studies collections since the end of 2012, first to prepare the collections ahead of their amalgamation into the Devon Record Office (which also became part of the South West Heritage Trust in November 2014) and then to move those collections to their new home at DRO in 2014. Since then I have worked on re-organising and cataloguing the collections in their new home and offering my experience and expertise to the DRO staff to build their knowledge of this new resource at their disposal. 

September 1 2011 - September 30 2012:

CEDA, Exeter

Heritage Project Manager for CEDA (Community, Education, Disability, Action) Exeter

CEDA is a local charity working for disabled people in the Exeter area. In 2011 it was awarded Heritage Lottery Funding to run a year-long project exploring the city’s heritage. The project allowed the CEDA clients to learn about the history of the city and contribute towards a lasting resource for local history. The end product of the project was three podcasts about different aspects of the city’s history and containing the memories of CEDA clients and Exeter residents, hosted at My role was providing the research and resources for the project, teaching research skills and background information to CEDA clients, organising 'memory events' for oral history research and promoting the project. I also wrote the scripts for the podcasts. 

March 1 2011 - May 30 2011:

Exeter Central Library, Exeter

I was commissioned by the former County Local Studies Librarian and the then Central Library Manager to write a history of the Exeter Central Library, with the aim of publication and the creation of an independent Exeter Central Library friends. The future of the library was at that time uncertain and the project was designed to help protect it for the future. The restructuring of the Devon Libraries and Information Service in 2011-12 and the redeployment of those who commissioned the project has left the work unpublished to date. However, I am now working with the current Exeter Library staff to revive the history as part of a wider project to promote the library and its historic collections.

March 21 2008 - August 17 2012:

Westcountry Studies Library, Exeter

The Westcountry Studies Library was a specialist archival library which collected local material for preservation. My role required a detailed knowledge of genealogical and local history resources to assist the public and professional bodies with research. Part of the Westcountry Studies Library’s role was to promote local history through its collections and as such I worked on a number of open days and events. For these events I produced three large scale and four small scale exhibitions for the library. The content of one of these exhibitions on industry in Exeter was noted by Chris Reed Design of the Linked Ring Group and was used as the basis for the new interpretation material produced for the refurbished Tuckers Hall in Exeter.  I also set up and managed the Westcountry Studies local newspaper index and produced the Library's fact-sheet on Anglo-Saxon Devon. 


CV: Membership of Professional Bodies/Professional Qualifications


International Planning History Society

Post-graduate member 


Royal Historical Society

Post-graduate member of the Royal Historical Society