Clare Maudling


25th March 2018:

Political Studies Association Annual International Conference 2018

Paper title 'Politicians' Organisational Tools of Government: Reshaping UK government departments'

Joint paper with Prof. Oliver James and Dr Rick Harmes presenting the initial findings of the Structure of Government project run by the University of Exeter politics department.

18th July 2016:

17th International Planning History Society Conference, Delft,

Four day conference held between 18th-21st July 2016 at TU Delft. 

Paper title: 

'Be Bold, Courageous and Wise: Post-war reconstruction in the city of Exeter'

Paper reproduced in full in the conference proceedings 

22nd June 2016:

GW4 Postgraduate Conference - Modern British Politics and Political History

Held at the University of Bristol as part of the GW4 alliance of South Western universities (Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter). 

Paper title: 

The Post-War Political Landscape: The expression of political ideology in the reconstruction plans of blitzed cities 

30th April 2016:

University of Portsmouth - Supernatural Cities: Exploring the urban mindeset.

Paper title: 

Old Haunts: Ghost buildings in the urban landscape. 

10th October 2015:

Devon History Society - City,Town and Country in Victorian and Edwardian Devon

Keynote speaker for the annual Devon History Society conference and AGM 2015 on the theme of 'City,Town and Country in Victorian and Edwardian Devon'. 

Paper title: 'A Devon for the Future: Town planning and urban change at the turn of the Twentieth century'. 

A summery of the paper was published in the Devon History Society newsletter No.17 (Feb 2016) and can be found at

11th September 2015:

Teesside University (Centre for Regional and Local History) - Whose Local and Regional Histories?

20th Anniversary conference for the Centre for Regional and Local studies on the theme of 'Whose local and regional histories?'

Paper title: 'Where do you think you are? The interface between repositories and academic history in creating local histories and identities in Devon' 

13th June 2015:

University of Southampton Twentieth Century Studies Postgraduate Symposium

Paper Title: 'Plans and Ideologies: Politics and post-war reconstruction plans in Exeter and Plymouth'

Local history society lectures

9th October 2014:

Exeter Local History Society

Lecture by invitation: 'The Post-War History of Exeter'

Professional Meetings

31st March 2016:

History of UK Public Spending 1993-2015 pre-commissioning seminar

A new collaborative project between the Nuffield Trust, the ESRC and HM Treasury was launched at a pre-commissioning seminar in March 2016. I attended the seminar out of personal interest and in the hope that I could be useful in the discussions around the shape of the project and was the sole PhD student to do so. The commissioning of this project is still ongoing.