Coline Blaizeau

Coline Blaizeau



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: Modern Languages
Department: French
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Medieval Studies

I am a second-year doctoral student in medieval French language and literature, supervised by Professor Emma Cayley and Dr Thomas Hinton. My research, graciously funded by the Niklaus-Cartwright scholarship, focuses on what I call the ‘metafictive marvellous’ in the Roman de Perceforest, that is the ways in which this late medieval text uses the marvellous to explore the concepts of reality and fiction and self-reflect on its status as product of literature.

Prior to my arrival in Exeter, I completed a Master’s degree in French at St Peter’s College, University of Oxford, where I graduated with Distinction. During my time there, I wrote a dissertation on the relationship between prose and lays in Perceforest, and contributed to the 'Apocalypse in Oxford' project with a palaeographical and codicological study of MS Lincoln College Lat. 16 – which can be found online, along with its corresponding article in the Bodleian Libraries' Conveyor. I also hold a Master's degree in English from the University of Paris-Sorbonne IV, a Bachelor's degree in Spanish from the University of Nantes, and a Bachelor's degree in English from the Institut Catholique d'Etudes Supérieures (ICES).

I was a seminar tutor for first-year undergraduates on the French Visual History module (MLF1121), and also taught French to A-Level students at Castletroy College (Limerick, Ireland). I have experience as a freelance translator, and am currently involved in the creation and development of Xanthos: A Journal of Foreign Literatures and Languages, of which I am the editor-in-chief.

You can follow me on Twitter @Coline_Blaizeau.