Danielle Davies

Department: Archaeology
Discipline: Archaeology

Project Summary

People and Points: Investigating Technological Change across a Continent

Throughout the course of my PhD I will be exploring patterns of technological change by comparing traditionally classified dart and arrow points during transitionary periods (i.e. from the use of dart and atlatl to the bow and arrow). Case studies of the Plains, Southwest, and Eastern Woodlands will be used to highlight the differences (or lack thereof) between different environmental and cultural contexts. As such, the study should help develop a much better understanding of the development and coexistence of projectile point forms, without simply pigeon-holing specimens into deterministic categories.

Supervisory Team

Professor Bruce Bradley - University of Exeter

Dr Linda Hurcombe - University of Exeter

Wider Research Interests

-Experimental archaeology

 -Prehistoric crafts

-Field archery


-Technological innovation

Academia page: http://exeter.academia.edu/DanielleDavies