Danielle McDougall



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Education
Department: College of Social Sciences and International Studies

I have always been interested in child development. It is no surprise to me that my life's journey has taken me up a path of teaching and education. I taught Spanish at the secondary level for several years but became drawn to the field of Special Education after working with a boy who had mild autism and severe dyslexia in 2006. Through this experience I saw the depths of exclusion for children with disabilities in mainstream classes. I also saw the progress a child can make once the teacher provides a loving and supportive environment.

I love teaching. Though, I have taught at all levels, my favourite age group is the teenagers. Something about that stage of discovery that makes it prime fodder for a language classroom.

Travelling is my thing and I hope to make it to every continent besides Antarctica (too cold!). Three down, three to go.