Danielle McDougall

Department: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Education

Project Summary

Project Title: Teaching Pupils with Difficulties in Learning in a Spanish class in two mainstream government schools in Trinidad, West Indies.

All Children Can Learn. This is the premise of education policy in Trinidad and Tobago. If all children can learn, why are so many children falling through the cracks in our education system? I firmly believe that all children can learn but many experience difficulties in their learning that work against successful outcomes. Teachers are uniquely poised within the classroom to address the learning issues of children to ensure they progress through schooling successfully.

This study will investigate the teaching that takes place in Spanish classes with pupils with difficulties in learning.

Supervisory Team

Dr. Hazel Lawson

Dr. Alison Black

Wider Research Interests

In the future, I will research higher order thinking skills for children with difficulties in learning.