Daniel Parvaz

Graduate School Skills Workshops

5th October 2009:

Effective Researcher Development Programme

University of Exeter "Effective [Postgraduate] Researcher Development Programme", for compotency in research skills.

2nd October 2009:

LTHE Stage 1/Smart Start Teaching Skills

Certificate for LTHE/Smart Start module one, for quality control for postgraduate demonstrators.


January 2013:

MDSG 2012

5th January 2012:

MDSG 2012

Presentation: "Oxidation zones of volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits: field classification and exploration significance"

5th January 2011:

MDSG 2011

Held at the Natural History Museum, London, I gave a presentation entitled: Targeting lower environmental impact secondary copper deposits in the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus

18th January 2010:

Mineral Exploration Roundup 2010

The theme of Mineral Exploration Roundup 2010 is “Go for the Gold and Everything Else”. Mineral explorers and miners are known for their tenacity, endurance, and drive – the past year has proven to be one of challenge, and of opportunity. Roundup offers members of the global mineral exploration community many reasons to be optimistic: short courses, keynote addresses, technical sessions, and field trips. The world’s premier technical exploration conference is also renowned for its Trade Show, Core Shack, Prospectors’ Tent, and Map Tent. Our social events also celebrate our industry and are not to be missed.

7th January 2010:

Mineral Deposit Study Group Conference, Glasgow 2010

The MDSG is a specialist group of the Geological Society of London that exists to promote the study and understanding of mineral deposits and mineralisation processes. Membership is open to any economic geologists, mineralogists and engineers working in industry or academia in the United Kingdom or abroad. The group maintains the GEOMINERALISATION email discussion forum, organises an annual conference during the Christmas period and sponsors additional meetings and excursions in collaboration with other Geological Society groups, the Mineralogical Society and international economic geology associations.

15th December 2009:

IMMA 2009

The International mining and minerals association conference 2009: Minerals Research in UK Universities, Imperial College, 15th-16th December 2009

I presented at this short, student led conference on the topic: "Targetting lower environmental impact secondary copper in the Troodos Massif, Cyprus".