David Gould

Department: Archaeology
Discipline: Archaeology

Project Summary

This research will investigate the history and landscapes of medieval and early post-medieval rabbit warrens in South West England.

The following key questions will be addressed:

  • are there are any geographic trends relating to the architectural remains of these warrens and associated features?
  • What are the relationships between warrens and geological, topographical and hydrological landscape features as well as to other archaeological features, both contemporary and earlier?
  • Is it possible to provide evidence for dating the region’s warrens?
  • What economic role did these warrens play within their local communities, and what were the social impacts of the installation of rabbit warrens on manorial lands?
  • What was the symbolic role that warrens played within the contemporary landscape?

Supervisory Team

Professor Oliver Creighton (Exeter University)

Dr. Stuart Prior (Bristol University)

Wider Research Interests

  • Landscape Archaeology
  • Medieval England
  • Cold War Archaeology
  • The application of Geophysical surveys
  • Early Dynastic Egypt
  • Field Systems

Authored Publications/Reports

Gould, D. (2003) A Study of the Relationship between the Different Dynastic Factions of the Early Dynastic Period and of the Evidence for Internal Political Disruptions, Aegyptiaca Helvetica, Volume 17, 29-53