David Singeisen



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: History
Department: History

I am a third-year History PhD student at Exeter University. My background is principally in international relations and military strategic theory. I did both my BA and MA in these areas while studying at Reading University. These degrees concentrated upon the interaction between politics and military strategic theory. I decided to switch to History for my PhD as I've long been fascinated by the subject, and wanted to combine my previous studies with my long-term interest in British political history.

My research is on early 20th century British defence politics and Army Reform under the Liberal ministries of 1905-1914. What I am attempting to show is twofold. In the narrower sense I believe that one cannot comprehend these reforms fully without analysing their political aspect. In the wider sense I hope to show that in fact one cannot comprehensively comprehend the politics of the time without taking the effect of the Haldane Reforms into account. I hope in time to develop my approach to look at other areas over the 1850-1940 time period. Education, religion, defence and social affairs are my particular points of interest.