Dee Wheatley


I was a teacher and leader in secondary schools for many years and moved into a leadership role in an LEA in the 90s. During that time and later I became a trainer and coach of adult professionals – including teachers, school leaders, inspectors, local authority and agency professionals - across a range of programmes and roles.   From 2000 onwards, I was an international and UK trainer for the National College of Teaching & Leadership (NCTL) leadership programmes and a national consultant and trainer for the UK government Training & Development Agency (TDA) involved in the design and the roll-out of national programmes including school workforce reform, organisational change, 21st Century Schools, teacher performance standards, extended services and multi-agency developments.

From 2005 onwards I  developed and provided leadership and other training for principals, inspectors and senior educational personnel in the USA, the UAE and the Channel Islands.

Training adults requires specific facilitation skills(for which one is required to be accredited by NCTL and other bodies).  Much of the training I undertake involves a workshop approach  - which I I enjoy as it involves setting up situations which allow participants to collaborate and reflect jointly on the application of research to the realities of life at the front line in school – and which uses skills, tools and activities to enable adults to engage with the materials in different ways.