Delphi May

Graduate School Skills Workshops

12th January 2017:


I completed the Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Stage 1 on 12th January 2017

March 0:


I completed all four stages of LTHE 2 throughout the Spring term of 2017


18th October 2017:

Imaginarios Digitales del Sur: Historias de pertenencia y desarraigo en los cines hispánicos

I attended this conference at the Carlos III Universidad in Madrid, in October 2017

14th September 2017:

Rethinking Film Genres: East Asian Cinema and Beyond

I attended the Rethinking Film Genres conference at the University of Hull in September 2017

11th April 2017:

Journeys Across Media (JAM): University of Reading

I presented a paper titled 'Barcetopia: a liminal home of the marginalised and beauty-less in Biutiful' at the Journeys Across Media conference in Reading

Co-founder of research cluster

July 2017:

Translation, Representation, Adaptation, Mobility (TRAM)

Impact Case Study

July 2017:

Research Assistant

I have worked for Professor Nuria Capdevila-Argüelles as a research assistant. I was responsible for drawing up an Impact Case Study for Nuria for the upcoming REF assessment

Research assistant to Professor Angus Finney

November 2017:

I am commencing work for Professor Angus Finney on a project about the Chinese film industry. My main duties will entail carrying out research into the intricacies of this radically changing market and providing nuanced translations of Chinese texts

Editorial Assistant

September 2017:

Critical Studies in Television

I am currently acting as an Editorial Assistant for the journal Critical Studies in Television