Diana Valencia Duarte

Diana Valencia Duarte

Discipline: History

Project Summary

The agrarian question and rural peoples’ food insecurity in Colombia, 1961-2011: Historical traces of the links between land use/tenure conflicts and the infringement/undermining of food self-sufficiency, food security, and peasants’ rights and agri-food culture/traditions

Provisional Abstract:
This research will examine the agrarian question in Colombia, and how rural reforms and counter-reforms over the 50 years between 1961 (Agrarian reform law) and 2011 (Victim’s law: restitution), associated with land use conflicts and violent displacement (migration violent/socio-economic=marginalisation), affecting indigenous/traditional agriculture and food (in)security (and food sovereignty). By doing so, this project is targeting to prove or disprove that changes in the land use, land tenure, and land conflicts trough time have had a negative impact on indigenous/traditional agriculture practices and food security of the rural peoples/peasants
Keywords: #AgrarianQuestion, #AgrarianReform, #AgrarianCounter-reform, #LandConflicts, #LandGrabbing, #FoodSecurity, #FoodSelf-sufficiency, #FoodSovereignty, #FoodRights, #LandRights, #Colombia

Supervisory Team

Dr. Stacey Hynd

Dr. Tobias Rupprecht

Wider Research Interests

Land conflicts and sustainable agriculture linked with food (in)security in the countryside and peasants/smallholders' rights