Dominique Gracia



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: English
Department: English
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Victorian Studies profile

I am a part-time distance student, working full-time at the House of Lords. I am also working with Professor Gagnier at Exeter, Professor Dino Felluga at Purdue, and others on the COVE project to provide annotated and annotatable digital editions of Victorian texts online. I am an editor with the postgraduate journal Harts & Minds, based at the University of Bristol, and I am also working on a project, coordinated by Dr Marion Thain of NYU, to transcribe Michael Field's diaries and journals.

My interests centre on mid-to-late-nineteenth century texts and include representations of gender and mental illness, ekphrasis, and visual culture. I also have a particular interest in digital humanities, and how  opportunities offered by new digital media can contribute to literary studies.

I completed my undergraduate degree (in English) at Harvard, writing my dissertation on the representation of fallen women and the use of the dramatic monologue aesthetic in Tennyson's Idylls of the King and Morris' The Defence of Guenevere. At that time I was also Managing Editor of Sententiae, an undergraduate medieval studies journal, and I continue to take an interest in the use and reuse in the nineteenth century of medieval and Renaissance tropes and images. 

I graduated from Harvard in 2009 and returned to the UK to study for the Bar, later joining Parliament as a clerk. I completed my Masters with the Open University part-time in 2012, writing my dissertation on representations of masculinity and male madness in the poetry of Browning, Tennyson and Morris.