Edward Lemon


25th January 2014:

The Eurasia Studies Society Doctoral Workshop on "Social and Economic Development in Central Asia: Theory and Practice,” School of Oriental and African Studies, London

Paper title: “Interrelationships between the Fields of (in)Security and Secularity in Tajikistan”

8th November 2013:

SWDTC Conference 2013: Knowledge Beyond Borders, University of Exeter

Paper title: “Influencing Policy in an Authoritarian Context: The Case of Tajikistan"

19th October 2013:

“Stepping Out of the New Great Game Narrative: Re-Joining Central Asia and International Relations,” Kings College London

Paper title: “Mediating the Conflict in Rasht, 2009-11"

21st March 2013:

Annual Navruz Conference, University of Newcastle, UK,

Paper title: “The (Mis)Representation of Islamic Radicalization in Tajikistan"

3rd December 2012:

Final Conference “Reducing Youth Radicalization in Tajikistan,” Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Paper title: “Radicalization: Definitions, Measures, Causes”