Elisa Groff



College: College of Humanities

I grew up in Italy and I was brought up with the belief that we are what we eat and what we drink. That’s why, I guess, it was almost inevitable that I ended up becoming an amateur wine steward and with a weakness for slow food. I am genuinely interested in cultural contexts of health and the properties of food which I also attempt to translate into my own research. I am keen to engage with non-academic groups to explore aspects related to sexual and reproductive health, infant mortality and nutrition.  

Broadly speaking, my research interests bridge medical humanities and history of religions. I gained my BA in Classics, MA in History of Religions and MSc in Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology from Italian (Trento), Icelandic (Reykjavik), German (Erfurt) and British Universities (St Andrews, Sheffield).

I am fluent in English, German and Spanish and I have a basic knowledge of French and Portuguese.

From September 2015 I was fortunate enough to be awarded the A. G. Classic and Ancient History Leventis PhD Scholarship under the supervision of Prof. Rebecca Langlands and Dr. David Leith. 

Exeternal Engagement.

I am actively supporting associations of bereaved parents who have suffered the death of a child (SIDS/SUDI/still born). I am also collaborating with the doulas network in Devon (UK).