Elizabeth Laruni

Department: History
Discipline: History

Project Summary

Title: The Political Mobilisation of the Acholi Identity. 1950-1986. The research aims to look at the political mobilisation of the Acholi identity at a regional and state level with a critical view of whether there was/is one coherent view of Acholiness in northern Uganda. My research interest grew primarily out of my MA dissertation which looked at the political mobilisation of the Kurdish identity within the Republic of Turkey. I became interested in the Acholi academically during the early years of my undergraduate after taking modules on post-independence Africa. My undergraduate dissertation titled 'The De-politicisation of War: Western Media Representations of the Lord's Resistance Army in northern Uganda 1998-2008', essentially proved to be an epilogue to my current research as it provided many of the questions I am now trying to answer.

Supervisory Team

Primary: Dr. Stacey Hynd Secondary: Professor Martin Thomas

Wider Research Interests

Ethnicity, Identity Construction, State Building, Civil War and violence in Post Independence Africa, Social Movements and Political Mobilisation.