Xuying Fan (Enjo)

Department: Graduate School of Education
Discipline: Education
Research Centre/Unit: TESOL

Project Summary

Title: Teacher cognition of thinking skills in Chinese EFL primary schools 

In light of the significance of thinking skills in EFL classrooms, this project investigates the insider's view of teachers' knowledge and beliefs of thinking skills in order to ascertain the opportunities and challenges they meet in their attempts to promote 'good thinking' during classroom interaction, given the prominence of teacher’s role in students' language learning. 

This case study discovered a new concept - ”English thinking" - which is subject specific, and revealed new understandings of the role of memorisation and summarising skills in language learning which challenged the traditional view of lower-order thinking skills. This finding could be further developed into a new thinking-based curriculum framework for EFL curricula. 

Supervisory Team

Dr. Li Li 

Dr. Esmaeel Abdollahzadeh


Wider Research Interests

Social interaction 

Classroom-based talk

Teacher cognition 

Thinking skills 

Intercultural communicative competence 

Learning and teaching from a cross-cultural perspective

Authored Publications/Reports

Fan, X. (December 2016) An Investigation of Teachers’ Interpretations and Practice of Teaching Thinking Skills in Chinese EFL classrooms, The Asian EFL Journal, 18,(4), 148-162

Fan, X. (in process) (2019) Language teacher cognition of creativity

Fan,X. (In process) (2019) A systematic review of thinking skills in technology enhanced environment.